Dogs of the Rich and Famous: Pepsi…and Sandi Parsons

So I had my very first interview … and I think it went pretty well, even if I do say so myself!

Cristy Burne - AUTHOR

Pepsi and Sandi Parsons.jpgToday we’re celebrating another clever canine in…Dogs of the Rich and Famous.

Today’s dog is Pepsi Parsons, Canine Story Advisor to West Australian author and proud book nerd, Sandi Parsons.

And in true Canine Story Advisor fashion, Pepsi has opted to tell her own story for us today…

Pepsi Parsons, Canine Story Advisor

When I first got this request from Cristy, I was so excited, I ran around chasing my tail for a bit. Then I read the fineprint: Cristy wanted my writer to do this interview.

But I’m rich (I have people to look after me!) and I’m waaaayyyy more famous than my writer, so I decided to take over. It’s what I do best.

pepsi-the-problem-puppy.pngBlue Heelers are working dogs, and I’m no exception. I’ve been a Canine Story Advisor for six and half years and I’m pretty good at it, even if I do say so myself.


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Pepsi the Problem Puppy by Sandi Parsons and Aska


It’s me — looking mighty fine, even if I do say so myself.

Tell Tales To Me


Every child wants one!

Every parent thinks twice!

…….and then somehow, in one way or another they arrive!

This book is all about the ‘settling-in’ phase and how that is viewed very differently by each member of the family.

Rosie is the protagonist who has long wished for a puppy.

Her little brother Jacob always seems to say the wrong thing – especially when Mum’s around.

Dad is the parent who finally gives in and finds the puppy, although his research about the most suitable dog for their particular family wasn’t so good.

Mum is the reluctant parent who is not impressed with all the upset and happenings that Pepsi the puppy is causing.

Granny can see the funny side of everything Pepsi does and it is ultimately because of her that the dog gets to stay.

Children will laugh at the funny scenarios presented in this early independent…

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