Christmas 2016

I had a little trouble getting to sleep on Christmas Eve… I wanted to stay awake for the man in the red suit who brings me a Christmas squeaker. But my people told me he wouldn’t come while I was awake. They were right!pepsi-parsons-christmas-eve

But it was worth the wait. It was a glorious squeaker!!

Yesterday I noticed something wrong with my new squeaker.

I decided surgery would be required.

Sadly, the squeaker did not survive …



Suffering for my Art

I have TOTAL dedication to my job as a Canine Story Advisor.
Last week, my writer said to me, “Perhaps I should look for a photo of you when you had a bucket to show Aśka as a reference.”
I thought about that, then I decided, why use an old photo?
Some shenanigans ensued – just enough shenanigans that I need a bucket for real …
Totally dedicated, that’s me!

Isn’t this better than an old photo?