It’s My Blankie!

It’s my blankie and I’ll bunch it up and suck on it if I want too.

I’m a Canine Story Advisor, not a model – too much puparrazzi!

My New Trick!

I learnt a new trick today.

 Can you guess what it is?

 Yep! I can shake hands now!!
(Apparently hand shaking is a Very Important Skill and as a Canine Story Advisor I might be called upon to do this frequently!)

My First Day on the Job

Today was a big day –  I met the people I’m going to be in charge of!

They seem nice but took a lot of photos.

At first I worried my Working Dog job might be as a photography model.

But it turned out okay. I’m going to be ….


Given that I’m going to be an office dog, it seemed appropriate to have a nap under the office desk.