No More Went Past Fast

When I was a little puppy I was very busy going past fast and one time I twisted my knee. It hurt, but it got better. And it was important Canine Story Advisor stuff I was doing (I was perfecting Psycho Chicken).

Later I was showing off going past fast and pretending the big bed was a trampoline. I busted my knee again. This time it really hurt, but after lots of boring slow stuff it got better.

Last week I was being a bit of a Psycho Chicken (research for the next book, scouts honour) and this time I hurt my knee BIG TIME.

I had an operation to fix my knee which means I have to go slow for ages!

But on the bright side, Dr James made me look like I’m Robo dog!

Check out my inside picture!

Inside a Pepsi — I’m a Robo Dog now!