Book Launch. A Tale of Woe and Slobber

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!

Busy afternoon getting ready for my book launch.

Then I found out I wasn’t invited! To MY OWN BOOK LAUNCH!!

All because I licked the spines off some books ONE TIME and got banned from library forever.

I’m a reformed puppy now! This isn’t fair! I can be trusted!!


Opps …


I’m feeling okay now though.

I licked all the cupcakes.



Best Birthday EVER!!!

I’ve had the best birthday EVER!!!

First six kilos of roo treats arrived in the post.
(I’m pretty sure that’s because I turned six).

Then I went toy shopping.
I got three new squeakers (happy, happy day!)

And because it’s my birthday, it also mean’s it FINALLY book release day.

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